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45 Year Reunion/Meet up

Summer 2013

Friday August 16th at Riverside Golf Course. This will be

informal, with some golfer groups and everyone else

hanging out on inside or outside on the decks, or what ever

suits our fancy, depending on weather. Should be nice in August.

They have indoor and outdoor seating.

 Food and beverages available

off the menu through out the day.


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W. F. West Class of 68


Now I don't recall how to add a link for pictures

I will be taking at the 45 year meet-up.

So go to Facebook as I can easily

post them there.


50 Year Reunion

wait for it ...



It was just pointed out to me that in 2018, our 50th reunion,

the Class of '68 will indeed be .... 68!!!


40 Year Reunion was:  

July 25, 26, 27, 2008


40 Year Reunion pictures link is straight up this page ^ see up there in Yellow?



Please go to the "Find Classmates" page for Lost Classmates.


We've tracked down everyone we could.

I'm sorry there are some we could not find.



Email Address Privacy:

Most of the people on the Classmates list  have email addresses.

If they don't then we have their street address on record. Some

people have asked that email addresses be posted, but due to

privacy and Spammers who like to harvest email addresses from

website then we won't post the email addresses. If you want to

contact some one, just let me know and I'll forward your request

to the other party. So in other words I will not give out your email

address or regular address or phone number.



CURRENT PHOTOS: If you have a current head shot that I can add to the

"Year Book Pictures", please email or mail it to me (I can return your original.)



CONTACT:  mikepetra@hotmail.com   360-269-4151


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